Making it pay out as a musician, producer or Disc-jockey without resorting to selling your kidneys is tough. However, being the nice people that we are here at Ma’ana, we’ve given you a helping hand by producing 40 ways in which you - sure, you reading this on your iPhone on the toilet - can start making money correct now from music.
From creating content for others to commercialising your existing music and from selling your very own range of merchandising to ultra-modern initiatives like crowd funding, the free eight-page eBook could literally kick-start your music career.

In addition, as just like Bono we adore selflessly giving, we’ve furthermore included 42 utterly essential music business agreements that you can customise and use. Covering everything from music marketing, music distribution, simple artist recording contracts, legal merchandise frameworks, vips agreements and a bunch more. If there’s one piece of advice we can pass on, it’s to get everything in writing. Social media might be the easiest way to network in 2018, but once you’ve made an initial contact or perhaps principally decided to a release/remix/business venture, move every thing over to email and document it.

And as soon as you have decided and negotiated your music business, you can now select the right deal template from our stockpile and get yourself expertly covered. Because if you don’t do it, no one else at this fledgeling state of your career, is heading to do it for you.
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